Cakes By Eve

From Simple to Spectacular

Cake Flavours

Stay tuned for some updated flavours - coming soon!

Eve's cakes are made with high quality ingredients, and are baked and decorated in her council approved kitchen. The following is a list of our most popular cake flavours - special flavours are available on request.

Chocolate Mud Cake

It's the nicest mud cake we've ever tasted! Eve's mud cakes are the result of years of refining, research, and trial & error. The perfect combination of ingredients produce a moist, delicious cake enjoyed equally by adults and children.

The most popular types of mud cake include:

Dark Chocolate - contains whisky and freshly brewed coffee.
White Chocolate - flavoured with Grand Marnier or Vanilla.

Fruit Cake

Eve's fruit cakes can convert those who traditionally say, "I don't like Fruit Cake"! Because of its longevity, many people choose to keep a fruit cake from their wedding and cut it at another special occasion - birth of a child, christening or wedding anniversary.

Rich Fruit Cake - Contains Almonds and Pecan Nuts, and plenty of fruit (sultanas, currants, raisins, dates, glace cherries, apricots, pawpaw, pineapple) all soaked in brandy.

Butter Cake

The butter cake has a softer and lighter texture than Eve's mud cakes. It is made either in Traditional style, or 'quick mix' style, which is even lighter and softer and is a popular choice for young children's parties.

Popular flavours of butter cake include:

Marble (swirled chocolate, vanilla and raspberry)

Other Popular Flavours

Other popular flavours include, but are not limited to:

Lemon and Poppyseed Cake
Banana Cake
Carrot Cake


Icing Finishes

All cakes can be covered with different finishes. The following shows some examples of different finishes:

Roll-out Icing

Also known as Fondant, this produces a smooth finish typically 3-4mm thick over the cake.

All roll-out icing finishes have a layer of ganache (a delicious combination of chocolate and cream) underneath*.

*Fruit Cake doesn't have the layer of Ganache underneath, and has an option layer of almond icing.

Below is an example of a cake with a roll-out icing finish:

Roll-out example

Butter Icing

The butter icing finish gives a rougher, more informal look to the cake. It is applied using a flat knife, and looks like the picture below:

Butter icing example

Butter icing finishes can also be 'piped' on using different attachments - an example of this is illustrated:



Ganache is similar to the Butter icing finish - it is more of a rough finish. Cakes are often layered with different flavours - ganache is usually put between the layers.

Below is an example of a ganache covered cake:

Ganache Example